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“I do” in the southwest

Destination: Mesa, Arizona Purpose: Family wedding Attending: the whole family! I really enjoy the opportunity to photograph in a new location, then again, what photographer doesn’t. My wife’s niece, Kayla, was getting married which allowed for the whole family to attend the event. So after several days of packing we left So. Cal and headed...

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Kauai Wedding

The day has arrived! Monica was a spectacular bride. Her wedding gown perfectly silhouetted her figure. The crystals on her gown sparkled almost as much as her eyes did. It’s no wonder that her groom, Nico, was emotional when he saw his bride for the first time.  Nico was fairly stellar himself dressed all in...

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Kauai Wedding Day2

When you are on California time, it makes it easy to wake up early to experience the sunrise. The weather didn’t exactly present ideal conditions, but I still was pleased with a shot I managed to get. Maybe more importantly was the lesson I learned: standing very near the ocean + a breeze + sea...

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Beauty Dish


Beauty Dish Quickly becoming my favorite tool is the beauty dish. It’s becoming evident why this is the primary light modifier of so many professionals. Fashion photographers are never without their beauty dish, as it gives them the control they need to manipulate the light to perfectly accentuate their models features and bring out their...

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Soft Boxes


3 x 4′ Softbox Considered a medium sized light source, this soft box offers lots of flexibility and versatility. Perfect for studio work as a fill light for groups and individuals, it’s a must have. 2 X 2′ Softbox Perfectly sized for on-location, this small soft box gives me much more control of my light....

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